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Wealth Management Services

At Stewardship Advisory Group, we believe timeless biblical principles can guide even the most complex financial situations while offering the peace and contentment you were made to enjoy. You’ve worked hard to build your "nest egg." We’ll help you continue to steward it well with our process of the 4 Cornerstones of Comprehensive Wealth Management.

*Legacy Coaching services are offered through Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC.


Stewardship Advisory Group assists their clients with Investment Management, Retirement Planning, and Cash Flow Analysis in the Building Wealth cornerstone. This process will help you to understand where your money is going and how to optimize that to live the life that God is calling you to live both now and in the future! We emphasize learning what really matters to you and assist you in aligning your goals and your investments with your values. We believe that you do not have to compromise the values that are important to you when building your investment strategy. The Retirement Planning process may provide clarity of your current financial situation, control over the goals that are important to you, confidence in your ability to achieve your goals, and contentment with what God has blessed you with. During the Retirement Planning Analysis, we also analyze goals for Education Planning and Social Security Optimization.


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Distributing Wealth During Life in the Most Tax-Efficient Way. We utilize our Strategic and Tactical Tax Planning processes to help minimize your tax liability in collaboration with your CPA or other Tax Preparation Professional. Your lifestyle, income, investments, etc. will change over time and therefore your tax planning needs will as well. Strategic Tax Planning is based on looking at your assets globally and using our 3 Tax Bucket approach to help you determine what kind of accounts you should place your investment funds in that will be optimal for your taxes both today and in the future through your retirement. The goal of Strategic Tax Planning is lifetime Tax Efficiency. Tactical Tax Planning includes a deeper analysis of specific investments and assets that may include the Gifting of Highly Appreciated Assets, Tax Loss Harvesting, the Purchase or Sale of an Asset, Offsetting gains and losses to provide additional Tax-Free Income, etc. At Stewardship Advisory Group, we emphasize Charitable Giving (hyperlink to Charitable Giving tab if we do that) and making a Kingdom Impact, which can often be accomplished through the money that you can save by avoiding or reducing Income, Capital Gain, or Estate taxes. Our Tactical Tax Planning process is proactive rather than reactive. Many clients have stated that their tax preparer tells them on April 15th what they should have done last year! Our annual Year-End Tactical Tax Planning process is designed to help you proactively make any potential moves to save Taxes…before year-end! (This is also true with “Pre-Sale” Tax Planning prior to the sale of highly appreciated assets such as Real Estate, Business interests, or appreciated securities.


In our society today, protecting your hard-earned wealth from the ravages of creditors & predators and frivolous lawsuits is vitally important.  Also, having the appropriate amount of Insurance coverage and asset protection is a pivotal component of a comprehensive financial plan and can provide Peace of Mind for your spouse and loved ones. We will provide a Survivor Needs & Risk Management analysis to help ensure that your family and assets are protected. We can help you to properly structure your assets and protect them from potential creditors and predators in addition to mitigating other risks such as rising inflation, excessive market risk, and the risk of running out of money. We will analyze your Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care coverage to assist you with any necessary adjustments to help relieve the financial burden that can come with unexpected circumstances.

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Transferring Wealth At Your Passing in the Most Tax Advantageous Way takes intentional planning. With thorough education and careful planning, we can assist you with transferring wealth to who you want, when you want, and how you want. The Unnecessary Stress, Delays, and Costs of Probate can be avoided for those who seek to be Wise Stewards and we can help! Utilizing our national network of Estate Planning attorneys who share our values, we can connect you with a specialist and collaborate with them to shepherd the Estate Planning process as you determine how to transfer both your Financial Wealth and Non-Financial Wisdom. We can help you answer questions such as How much should we leave to our children and grandchildren so that it will be a blessing and not a burden? How much should we leave to charitable organizations? What are the best assets to leave to beneficiaries vs. charitable organizations? How can we leave a lasting legacy and share our family values or life lessons with our beneficiaries? We also specialize in setting up Zero Estate Tax Estate Plans so that you can leave more assets to beneficiaries or to the causes that are near and dear to you rather than paying unnecessary taxes.

*Legacy Coaching services are offered through Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC.

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