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Transferring Wealth

Transferring Wealth At Your Passing in the Most Tax Advantageous Way takes intentional planning. With thorough education and careful expert planning, we can assist you with transferring wealth to who you want, when you want, and how you want. The Unnecessary Stress, Delays, and Costs of Probate can be avoided for those who seek to be Wise Stewards and we can help! Utilizing our national network of Estate Planning attorneys who share our values, we can connect you with a specialist and collaborate with them to shepherd the Estate Planning process as you determine how to transfer both your Financial Wealth and Non-Financial Wisdom. We can help you answer questions such as How much should we leave to our children and grandchildren so that it will be a blessing and not a burden? How much should we leave to charitable organizations? What are the best assets to leave to beneficiaries vs. charitable organizations? How can we leave a lasting legacy and share our family values or life lessons with our beneficiaries? We also specialize in setting up Zero Estate Tax Estate Plans so that you can leave more assets to beneficiaries or to the causes that are near and dear to you rather than paying unnecessary taxes.

*Legacy Coaching services are offered through Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC.