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Jeff Rogers, CEP®, CKA®

Jeff Rogers, CEP®, CKA®

Founder and Chairman

Jeff is the Founder and Chairman of Stewardship Advisory Group, LLC, and a New Hampshire native who has lived in the Orlando area for over 35 years. The recipient of the Larry Burkett Award in 2013, Jeff has an extensive background in Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Investments, and Retirement Planning and a heartfelt focus on the specialized areas of Advanced Estate Planning, Proactive Tax Planning, and Charitable Giving. One of Jeff’s greatest joys is coaching individuals and families in the crafting of their Stewardship Legacy and helping them to invest their time, talents, and treasures in the Kingdom through the ministries nearest and dearest to their hearts. Jeff loves being out in creation, boating on the lakes of Clermont and spending time in the woods hunting. Providing leadership in a number of ministries provides him with a deep sense of fulfillment. Jeff and his wife Cathy also enjoy traveling.

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*Legacy Coaching services are offered through Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC.  The Larry Burkett Award is not indicative of any client experience or performance of the advisor.