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For over 40 years, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families discover true financial freedom, by bringing clarity, confidence, and control to every choice they make.

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Stewardship Advisory Group is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and serves clients across the nation in almost all 50 states.


Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers, CEP®, CKA®

Founder and Chairman

Scott Pletcher

Scott Pletcher

Chief Operating Officer

Cathy Rogers

Cathy Rogers

Licensing Coordinator

Orlando, FL Office

Client Service

Jean Ausman

Jean Ausman

Director of Long Term Care Solutions

(407) 930-4705

(407) 470-1411

Rob Evans

Rob Evans

Client Service Specialist

Evergreen, CO office


Erin  Benz

Erin Benz

Administrative Assistant and Travel Concierge