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Distributing Wealth

Distributing Wealth During Life in the Most Tax-Efficient Way. We utilize our Strategic and Tactical Tax Planning processes to help minimize your tax liability in collaboration with your CPA or other Tax Preparation Professional. Your lifestyle, income, investments, etc. will change over time and therefore your tax planning needs will as well. Strategic Tax Planning is based on looking at your assets globally and using our 3 Tax Bucket approach to help you determine what kind of accounts you should place your investment funds in that will be optimal for your taxes both today and in the future through your retirement. The goal of Strategic Tax Planning is lifetime Tax Efficiency.  Tactical Tax Planning includes a deeper analysis of specific investments and assets that may include the Gifting of Highly Appreciated Assets, Tax Loss Harvesting, the Purchase or Sale of an Asset, Offsetting gains and losses to provide additional Tax-Free Income, etc. At Stewardship Advisory Group, we emphasize Charitable Giving (hyperlink to Charitable Giving tab if we do that) and making a Kingdom Impact, which can often be accomplished through the money that you can save by avoiding or reducing Income, Capital Gain, or Estate taxes.  Our Tactical Tax Planning process is proactive rather than reactive.  Many clients have stated that their tax preparer tells them on April 15th what they should have done last year!  Our annual Year-End Tactical Tax Planning process is designed to help you proactively make any potential moves to save Taxes…before year-end! (This is also true with “Pre-Sale” Tax Planning prior to the sale of highly appreciated assets such as Real Estate, Business interests, or appreciated securities.