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Charitable Giving

Nearly $1B Donated

One of our core values at Stewardship Advisory Group is to further the Cause of Christ by encouraging His people to make charitable gifts to their favorite ministries out of the money we help them save in income, capital gains & estate taxes. We seek to assist our clients to identify opportunities that they have to Live and Give Generously while having full confidence that their plan supports their ability to give. We believe that Giving breaks the power of money and the hold that it has over our lives. Proper planning can provide clarity that we no longer need to hold our money with a clenched fist but instead can freely give with generosity and an open hand. We can walk in freedom knowing that our role as Wise Stewards enables us to use our money as a Tool and a Testimony that can be used to bless others and make a Kingdom Impact. Our goal is for you to experience True Financial Freedom; Freedom to Live, Freedom to Give, and Freedom to Serve in whatever calling God has on your life!

Our team has extensive expertise in Charitable Tax Planning and can provide education on the different types of charitable entities that may be appropriate for your situation and how to give in the most tax-efficient manner. Whether you are getting ready to sell a business or highly appreciated real estate, have appreciated securities or stock options, or have been blessed with an income beyond what you need to meet your lifetime income needs, we can assist you with crafting a Charitable Giving Plan. We have assisted our clients who, like you, share a heart and passion for generosity for 40 years. In fact, we are approaching the $1 Billion mark of Kingdom Capital that our clients have given to their churches, favorite ministries, or other charitable organizations.