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Top Tools for Budgeting Wisely in 2017

Top Tools for Budgeting Wisely in 2017

January 13, 2017

We made it through 2016, though there might still be some lingering bills from Christmas. What can we take away from 2016 and apply to our financial goals in 2017?

Sometimes we just want to look ahead, but looking in the rearview mirror over our financial landscape, we can avoid being “blind-sided” by mistakes from the past that we did not take the time to examine and learn from.

In the digital age we live in, apps are constantly being created to help us organize our lives. This article from NerdWallet reviews apps on saving, budgeting, paying bills and tracking expenses.

Sometimes the tried and true traditional approach can’t be beat, though. This article offers a refresher on some of the basic financial tools that help us reach our financial goals for 2017.

As a Christian, biblical principles should be incorporated into all the allocation of the finances God has given. This article coaches us on the motivations and wise stewardship choices we need to pursue.

Whatever your approach, whether it be savvy new apps, software or a simple spreadsheet or consistent tracking with a pencil and paper, the wisest components to our budgeting are consistency and accountability. If all the maintenance of budgeting and investing seems overwhelming, sometimes we need an outsider to come give insight into our situation. An expert in finance can make a seemingly hopeless situation seem less daunting. Have a question? Call Jeff to discuss your plan for 2017.

All that we have been given needs to be managed and used well for God’s glory. This singular motivation can help us avoid a lot of pitfalls and materialistic pursuits.

Here’s to a financially prosperous 2017 – may we learn from last year’s successes and failures and invest, spend and save well.