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The Scary Truth About Finances That Sets You Free

The Scary Truth About Finances That Sets You Free

October 31, 2022

We all encounter moments in this life where we suffer unexpected losses, financially, personally, or physically. But such moments do not have to invoke fear. Recognizing the false fears and replacing them with gratitude helps us to hold all we own loosely before God.

FEAR #1: We cannot guarantee growth in our finances.

When we have worked hard to set aside a nest egg, fear of losing that nest egg can grip our hearts and cause us to lose our joy. It is wise to try and grow our finances, but after we have researched for investments and made the best decision we could, worrying about our finances will not help.

FEAR #2: We don't have to keep up with the Jones'.

Having a standard that is someone else's standard can cultivate stress and fear. We would not want someone else's portion. God has for us what is best. 

FEAR #3: We cannot keep what we own.

What we own, we don't. We cannot keep what we have on this earth. I can feel my fingers letting go of trying to hold on too tight. How about you?

We are merely stewards of all we own and we need to guard against all we own from owning us. The scary truths about finances can actually set us free if we embrace the truth and trust God as our Provider rather than ourselves.

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers