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The Root of Financial Harmony in Your Home

The Root of Financial Harmony in Your Home

February 24, 2017

All this talk about love in February can be quickly shut down when finances go awry.

Couples can be blindsided by the sudden creep of credit card or other sdebt that suddenly affects their feelings for their partner. But finances need not divide us from those we love. With cleverly woven strategies and planning, finances can actually promote affection and respect for one another.


Our attitude towards finances was often formed in our background, subconsciously. Mom or Dad ruled the finances and might have done so in a manner that impacted our pattern of behavior, perhaps unbeknownst to us. Being willing to evaluate our financial history and to discuss the root of where attitudes emanate from is an invaluable tool that informs our current behavior so we can consider making changes, where appropriate.


Utilizing biblically-based financial advice as a guide, couples can get on the same page. While there can be varying opinions on how to manage finances, some consistent principles rise above the noise of our budget crises and help us to navigate financial woes - the elimination of debt and tithing are just two of them.


There is freedom that comes from a carefully laid plan. When it is adhered to. Discussing what is important to each other helps to make room for what really matters, within limits. Set a budget that is realistic and make room for investing in your relationship, as well.


Don't allow finances to divide you from those you love. You may need someone on the outside who is a wise steward to help you work through your differences and to stick with your plan. Promote financial harmony by serving one another in humility and setting financial priorities together.