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The Role of God and Government in the Principles of Economics and Freedom

August 24, 2016

Used by Permission © Bob McEwen and

“There is nothing wrong with this country that proper leadership cannot cure.” – Bob McEwen, 6 term congressman from Ohio.

At the National Security Investment Consultant Institute (NSIC) conference, I heard Bob share this presentation revealing the role that God and government play in the freedom and financial blessing our nation experiences. It was one of the best presentations I've ever heard.

Man finds purpose and meaning by working and providing for himself. Paying for his own food, home and other needs makes him keenly aware of the need to be wise in those purchases and to steward them well. But when big government is the provider, then quality decreases and there are fewer choices and a lower standard of living. This principle is why government welfare and handouts are not the answer to our marketplace or economic woes. When we allow freedom to come in, wealth is created and prosperity rises. Free enterprise works . . . literally!

If every American would watch this video, our nation would be impacted greatly. In my opinion, this message of how government works and wealth is created should be taught to every school child in America. This is one of the best speeches since Ronald Reagan on the benefits of getting government off our backs and getting people back to work. Watch, be blessed and share this important message so that it goes VIRAL, especially with the upcoming election at stake!

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