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Talkin' Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Talkin' Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

November 25, 2019

Everyone is assembled and spirits are high. The delicious aroma from the oven beckons all to the table. Typical family jokes and memories can entertain for a while, along with platitudes over the wonderful meal, but being gathered together is also a golden opportunity to have meaningful conversations with family.

The gift of presence.
Sometimes it is hard to have everyone together to discuss important family plans. Thanksgiving often involves generations, too, which makes our conversations even more special. Holidays can either be a quick celebration spent worrying about details or an intentional time of connecting. Important discussions require time to unfold and a celebratory atmosphere can enhance the conversation. 

Keep it Light.
Just like we don't like that heavy feeling of being weighed down by the turkey and stuffing, important discussions go down better when they are approached carefully. Sometimes discussing future plans while playing games or going for an afternoon walk and posturing our discussion in a lighthearted manner can help us to broach topics more easily that impact our loved ones.

Intentional Planning.
Make space for necessary conversations during the holidays. Don't just hope they will happen. Pray and think about the precious moments you have together with family and make a plan to "talk turkey" and have those important conversations. Don't miss one of the few opportunities in a year when all are gathered. 

Below are some fun resources to help guide conversation. May this Thanksgiving be your most meaningful one yet and may your time together be fruitful and filled with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers