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Steward Your Children's Education

Steward Your Children's Education

July 29, 2020

Steward Your Children's Education

School doesn't look the same as it used to. Many are adapting to the new way of life of virtual education during a pandemic. And while we are grateful that an education can still take place, wise parents realize that you need to carefully steward your children's education.

Steward Your Children's Education—Through Accountability

A virtual education is one that is best suited to self-motivated students. And sometimes in the virtual world it can be easy to become distracted or to lose motivation as an education can become all about just getting 'er done rather than being intentional and getting the most out of an education. Holding children accountable by checking up on their work and interacting with them in their newfound knowledge helps them to apply what they are learning.

Steward Your Children's Education—Through Excellence

Encourage your children to prize their education rather than dreading it. Help them to see the importance of giving their very best so they can learn what God has them to learn in this unique season of their life. Not being in a classroom environment takes away the aspect of competition and can demotivate students. But stewarding knowledge now will bless your children in the future. And ultimately we steward our children's education for an audience of One. Each stage of life has things we all need to learn to grow into who God has us to be.

Steward Your Children's Education—Through Godly Content

Just because your children are studying virtually does not mean you cannot incorporate faith and even practical, financial courses on your own. Be creative and learn alongside your children so education becomes a place of wonder and not just busy work.

Stewarding our children's education matters for more than just today and is about so much more than good grades. Well educated children often live wise, productive lives.