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Spring into a New Financial Chapter

Spring into a New Financial Chapter

April 24, 2017

Spring is in the air . . . a new season brimming with new life. If only a new season could mean a fresh start financially.

It can.

Different seasons of our lives bring different financial challenges, but these challenges do not have to define our financial outlook. Much like a good spring cleaning can refresh our house, looking through our finances and doing some "spring cleaning" of our finances can refresh our financial outlook.

Recurring Bills.

What monthly bills are you paying for that you are not using? Is there a service you could do without? Sometimes we grow accustomed to certain services and think we cannot afford to stop using them. Perhaps we cannot afford to.


Categorizing the money spent monthly helps us to see and understand our financial outlay. Maybe we have too much money going toward a category and it takes from another category that really needs more available funds, even if temporarily. We should take notice of our highest spending category and examine what is truly necessary.


What we are investing in on a regular basis says a lot about our values. After tithing, saving and basic budget items are accounted for, we are accountable to wisely steward what remains. An investment we chose to prioritize in the past might not fit now. Prayerfully considering our investments for their moral value is as important as the return we will get. 


Little is much in the hands of God. When we invite God into all aspects of our financial life, we pave the way for a new financial chapter that both honors Him and brings us peace, as well.

Our financial past does not have to be our future. Spring cleaning of our financial motivations and budget can guide us to a blessed financial future. Our great God Who has risen from the dead is capable of helping us to resurrect our financial ruins and to help our finances flourish more than we ever dreamed possible.