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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

March 26, 2021

Spring has sprung!

Whether or not the weather is cooperating with that truth, we have made it out of the winter! This season is marked with getting back outside, renewing our mindset, and spring cleaning!

But spring cleaning is about more than just getting rid of the dust bunnies. We can spring clean our finances, too! Here are some tips to get a renewed financial outlook and to clean up your account.

Tip #1 Automatic payments

Review all of the automatic charges that come in each month. Are all of them necessary? Cut back or cancel things that you are not using.

Tip #2 Checkbook register

Have you fallen out of the habit of reconciling your checkbook? It is easy to fall behind and get overwhelmed. Below are some links to tools to help you do that in a paperless fashion.

Tip #3 Consolidate and Payoff

If we accumulate debt in many different areas, debt can become insurmountable after awhile and difficult to keep track of. Consolidating your debt is a way to clean up your debt into one location. Then be diligent to prioritize paying off debt before adding any new debt. Use the debt calculator below to help you set and achieve your goals with debt payoff.

Tip #4 Insurance

Don't overlook the money you could save on insurance! Shop around for a better deal on your auto or homeowner's insurance.

Tip #5 Budget Realignment

Sometimes yesterday's budget does not fit today's budget demands. Reassess your budget items and put together a plan that works. Realigning your budget is a great way to examine afresh your spending and giving habits, too.

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers