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Remembering Brings a Blessing

Remembering Brings a Blessing

May 25, 2018

God's people have been forgetful from the beginning and we can be, too. Life just gets so busy it is hard to stay focused long enough to remember what matters most. If we are not careful, we can live our life without much thought of the past that shaped us or of those who have gone before us to give us a better life.

This is what makes Memorial Day such an important holiday to celebrate. A respite from life's dizzying pace, holidays give us pause to consider where we've been and where we are going. Memorial Day is famed for delicious barbecue and a day off work, but it is much more meaningful when we take the time to be grateful and remember those who gave up their freedom to live a carefree life so we could have freedom, instead.

Remembering those who served does more than just honor their memory - it blesses us, too. God knew that when we are a grateful people we live with purpose in humility as we acknowledge all of our blessings.

This Memorial Day, as we reflect on heroes of the past and present, below are some stories of faithfulness and courage to ignite gratitude. In the spirit of Memorial Day, we are grateful for each one of you and the privilege of serving you. Happy Memorial Day from Stewardship Advisory Group!

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers

Inspirational Readings for Memorial Day