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Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

December 20, 2019

The gifts are bought (well almost!). The stockings are hung. The meal is planned except for that last little thing you need to pick up from the grocery store . . .

The details of celebrating Christmas can become quite all-encompassing. But sometimes they can also steal our joy while we frantically run around hoping we didn't forget anything.

Sometimes we can become so absorbed in our to-do lists that we forget the purpose of it all—remembering when God visited mankind and chose to live among us and pay our sin debt.

But if we recognize some of the obstacles in our way that keep us distracted from the main thing, we can put the "Merry" back into our Christmas celebration.

The decorations, food, company, gifts, all of it can disappoint us. None of it will be perfect. When the perfect Savior came, He came humbly. We don't have to have everything perfect in our presentation. The intentions of our hearts matter more than what we give.

Remember the greatest example of giving is what Christ did for us. Christ was not focused on Himself, but on those around Him. He was selfless in His gift-giving. When we begin to complain about what others have done for us or have given to us, we lose sight of the gifts right in front of us—the people God has given us to share life with.

Martha has some friends in us. Being diligent is beautiful, but we have to know when to stop and savor the moments. Once our preparations have been made, it's ok that something might have been forgotten. Don't hurry around so much that you miss the gift of the presence of loved ones.

Sometimes when we all gather together, old wounds can fester. Why not let go of any offense as Christ did for us, and see those around you through God's eyes? 

This Christmas can be the best ever if we have our hearts in the right place. Below are some articles for you to enjoy as you consider how to make your Christmas meaningful this year.

Enjoy the gift of life and salvation with those God has placed in your life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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