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Honesty is STILL the Best Policy

Honesty is STILL the Best Policy

April 28, 2023

Evidently this weekend there is a holiday, "National Honesty Day". Honesty Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on April 30th of each year, created in the early 1990s by M. Hirsh Goldberg, an author, and former press secretary to a Maryland governor. The purpose of Honesty Day is to encourage people to be truthful and honest with each other . . . even and especially when it is hard to do.

This got me thinking. In a fallen world that is void of morals except for the grace of God, having a day designated for honesty is intriguing and begs the question, "How honest are we really?"

In the various roles we play in this life—as parents, children, bosses, employees, friends, and family members—do we represent these roles honestly? In our personal lives, do we walk with integrity in our finances and relationships?

Honesty in Personal Relationships

As parents, it can be difficult to be honest with our children about problems in their lives. The same is true in all our personal relationships. We might not want to hurt someone's feelings, yet it hurts more to be untruthful and could spare someone a lot of trouble if we would be honest when it hurts. Of course, how we do this makes all the difference in the world. Speaking honestly into someone's life provides an opportunity for awareness of an area that might be difficult to speak into.

Honesty in Professional Relationships

As bosses and employees, being honest creates an atmosphere where people feel valued and promises are kept. Honesty does not mean perfection. It just means we are real with one another and respectful enough to speak the truth to one another in love and grace.

While Honesty Day is probably not a widely recognized holiday, it is a good reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity in our personal and professional lives. It is also a chance to reflect on the ways in which we can be more honest and authentic with ourselves and those around us. Making honesty a lifestyle rather than a holiday takes intentionality and awareness of when we might just be fudging a bit on the truth.

Happy Honesty Day! The old adage is true—honesty still is the best policy and being a person of integrity is still the only way to live. Being honest about our own shortcomings and the shortcomings of others is hard to do, but it is harder not to.

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers