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Finding Restoration when Brokenness Breaks You Financially

Finding Restoration when Brokenness Breaks You Financially

October 23, 2019

You've planned your life carefully. Worked your whole life to make the second half of your life go well, with 401k and retirement plans in place. You've arrived at the golden years and anticipate peace as you age gracefully with your spouse. The only problem is, for over half of us, that reality was crushed with a divorce that was not expected. Divorce is a reality in a broken world but not something that any of us likely anticipate. Yet even Christian marriages are afflicted by this devastating situation. 

While the divorce rate is declining overall, it is rising for the 50+ age bracket and wreaking financial hardship. Restoration spiritually will help us to see our way clear to restore our finances. You can flourish again. God is not through with your story. Facing the hard places in divorce with God and His word paves the way to recovery, spiritually and financially.


Emotional struggles emanating from divorce are common and can create more financial problems unless they are dealt with Biblically. Seek counseling and healing. God is able to restore what the locusts have eaten.

Spending Habits.

Your spending habits will likely change. You won't have the same financial freedom you had before. New boundaries don't have to discourage us. God provides in amazing ways when we depend upon Him. Like Paul, as we learn to be content in all situations, we will not make our situation harder and we will overcome. Don't go off the deep end trying to feed your emotions with spending.

Keep on Keepin' On.

Find a support group or small group so you don't isolate yourself. Ask God for wisdom in your situation and let go of bitterness so you do not become stuck in brokenness. 

Be Generous.

This might feel impossible, but keep sharing with others as God leads. It might be having someone over for a meal or sharing something you don't need, but when we take the focus off of ourselves, we rise above discouragement and find joy returning.

God is a Healer.

Brokenness is a part of living in this fallen world. But it is not the end and God is a Redeemer and a Restorer. He is our Defender and promises to work all things together for our good and His glory. God can take what is broken and make it whole again. The life of Job is one example of how God restores. When you are tempted to look at the brokenness all around you, lift your eyes and run to God's word.