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Finding Purpose in Our Finances

Finding Purpose in Our Finances

July 23, 2018

Living month-to-month financially can become a tedious task. It would seem there is a higher purpose than just trying to provide, but still we can strive to make ends meet and miss out on a key understanding behind all we own.
Discovering the purpose behind our finances can help us to rise above a mentality of merely surviving financially. Finances play a key role in our provision, mission, and vision. 
It goes without saying (though we will say it here because it is truly a purpose) that finances have the purpose of providing for us. Providing for shelter and sustenance, medical care, transportation, and the clothes we wear are basic levels of provision, but there is also the provision of demonstrating care for others that goes beyond the essentials and are no less important. Where our finances go demonstrates where our heart does, too. When we purpose in our hearts to bless those around us in thoughtful gestures, our finances serve the purpose of providing for more than just physical needs, but emotional ones, too.
When we have provision, we can develop a mentality that it belongs to us. But everything we have been given speaks to provision for something greater – supply for a mission that God has given. Look around you. Where has God placed you and how can He use you - and the finances allocated to you – in that space and place?
More than achieving a lifestyle or building bigger sheds for our future, our finances can have a purpose of serving a vision that honors God. Generosity. Serving others. Stepping in to help when people are drowning. Stewards utilizing His finances to further His kingdom. What a vision - finances having an eternal impact!
God’s glory
When all that we own belongs to our Maker, we defer to Him as to how best to spend, save or give. His glory is far greater than merely allocating funds. Sometimes we might not want the accountability that comes with having a purpose for our finances. We want to be able to indulge and spend freely. But boundaries in our finances helps to ensure that the purposes behind our finances stand and provide freedom far greater than lavish spending. The purpose behind our finances is far beyond our lifestyle.

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers