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Feast Without Famine

Feast Without Famine

November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving - pleasant memories of feasts held in years gone by and loved ones held dear - can be strained by fears of the looming famine after all that eating and shopping is done.

As recipes and plans fill our minds and we make our last minute grocery store calls, somewhere in the preparations our budget might be suffering.

As we make all of the preparations for Thanksgiving, we don't have to kill our budget. Remembering the details that have meant the most to our celebrations, we realize it was not the money spent but the people we were with and the special efforts we made that made the holiday memorable.

Wise Shopping
It might mean a little more "elbow grease", but sometimes instead of purchasing premium ingredients we feel we deserve, making some ingredients from scratch can create fun, memorable family moments and save you money!

Instead of paying money for an outing that can put a squeeze on the budget, do something creative right at home. Below we have some ideas to spark some creativity.

Homespun decorations make Thanksgiving much more special than fancy decorations purchased that kill our budget and create stress. Free printables online or ideas that can be made by little ones make the table more festive. Placecards and placemats (like the Focus on the Family one at the link below) add a fun touch.

The first Thanksgiving had a level of gratitude we likely do not display today. We had not carried the burdens they did and most of us have not had to go kill our feast before we eat it. Taking time to reflect on all God has done for us and being thankful for His provision makes our holidays sparkle with joy. Below is a devotion in one of the links to inspire your family devotion time.

What if we didn't worry too much about the expectations we set for the holiday and all of its preparations, but chose to relish the moment itself? Below are some resources to help make this holiday the best yet. Let's feast on the goodness of God in our lives without creating a famine of joy and what matters most. Your budget will thank you, too!

We at Stewardship Advisory want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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