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Counting the Costs of Discipleship

Counting the Costs of Discipleship

March 29, 2018

Looking toward Calvary, our Savior knew the costs of His sacrifice. He felt it deeply. Every pain, every step He took, was agonizing, but He also knew what He was achieving with such a high cost - the salvation of the world.

Sometimes we can forget the cost of our salvation and take for granted the greatest gift of all. We grow accustomed to our way of life and the busyness of life can get us off track. But we were given such a costly gift so we would do likewise. 

We are familiar with cost - this real world sure can get expensive. Just when we think we have considered all the costs, up pops another one. But there are other costs that are far greater to consider. Will we consider the cost of reaching loved ones and invest toward that end? 

It might mean going on a mission trip with a loved one, or helping them to be able to do so. Or perhaps attending a conference that inspires you both to continue to grow in your faith. The cost could also be time - having a time set aside for devotions or Bible time with friends or family. 

This Easter as we reflect on Christ's gift - which cost all He had to give, may we give of ourselves so others around us may also pay the cost forward. Below are some articles with ideas of discipleship. Once we have considered the cost, God will give us the courage and strength to invest in others and He alone bears the fruit through us.

Happy Easter from Stewardship Advisory Group!

Counting the Costs of Discipleship Makes Sense