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The Stewardship of Fatherhood

The Stewardship of Fatherhood

June 15, 2023

One of the most significant examples of stewardship in this life is the role of a father. While fathers emphasize the importance of teaching their children to work and provide for their own families, the most significant stewardship fathers do with their children is to steward the souls of their children for this life and for eternity by how they parent.

Father's Day is a reminder to honor fathers but also a reminder to fathers to honor their heavenly Father in their role.

Here are a few reminders of the many ways that fathers steward their role as the shepherd of their families by being and doing their role faithfully.

  1. Be a Provider: Dads provide financially for their families for their physical needs. This involves working hard, managing finances, and making sound decisions to support the family's well-being. Taking care of physical and financial needs impacts the spiritual and emotional needs of the family, as well.

    When dads faithfully provide, they teach their children that God will always provide for them, too.

  2. Be Present: Dads demonstrate their leadership by their presence, not just their expectations. A father plays a crucial role in providing emotional support and creating a loving and secure environment for his children. This includes actively listening to their concerns, offering guidance, and being there for the significant and ordinary parts of life.

    When fathers are present (unplugged from other distractions), they teach their children that God is always present.

  3. Be an Example: Fathers serve as role models for their children, shaping their behavior and values through their own actions. By demonstrating honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility, fathers teach their children valuable life lessons.

    When fathers act and serve as Jesus did, they teach their children that God is trustworthy and to be holy like He is holy.

  4. Be Caring: Nurturing and caregiving is not just for moms. Dads are involved in caregiving responsibilities, such as feeding, bathing, and spending quality time with children, too. Engaging in these activities fosters a strong bond between fathers and their children and promotes their overall development.

    When fathers care for their children they teach them that they are always seen by God who is compassionate and counts their every tear.

  5. Be a Leader: A father needs to lead his children even when it is not popular. Providing guidance on life choices, and instilling integrity, character, and a strong work ethic shapes the character of his children. Discipline and boundaries are necessary in order to help our children to be able to lead themselves well.

    When fathers lead they teach their children that God will never leave them and will always lead them, too.

Fathers, we honor you for being the man of character your children need to see and doing your role faithfully. Your faithfulness helps your children to have faith in their heavenly Father, too.